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 Fruity loops 8.5 Beta

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teuffeur a respecter

Nombre de messages : 1594
Age : 33
Localisation : Besancon
Emploi : administrateur reseaux
Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008

MessageSujet: Fruity loops 8.5 Beta   Mer 8 Avr - 20:20

FRUTY LOOPS 8.5 Beta Demo

ImageLine propose en téléchargement une version beta de la prochaine version intermédiaire de FruityLoops.
Proposée uniquement aux clients ayant acheté la Producer Edition, elle affiche plus de 200 nouveautés et corrections d'importance très variable.

Retenons le principal : l'inclusion du synthétiseur Ogun (démos audio ci-dessous) et de son explorateur de patchs AutoGun, ainsi que de l'effet permettant de réorganiser un rythme : Gross Beat (oui oh c'est malin !).

Pour lire l'intégralité des 222 modifications et télécharger cette version 8.5 beta, c'est sur le site d'Image-Line à cette page que ça se passe (et dans la langue de Shakespeare)

ATTENTION... VERSION DEMO... ET SELEUMENT VERSION DEMO (elle n'est pas encore en version complete, donc penser à garder la version XXL dans un coin... ) à essayer...!!

Beaucoup de nouvelle fonctionnaliter... tres utile...!!

Citation :
All Producer Edition users can try out the public beta of FL Studio 8.5
Some of the (+200) updates/fixes/additions :
1. Ogun: synthesizer specialized in metallic timbres.
2. Gross Beat: beat rearranger effect.
3. Autogun: synthesizer based on Ogun.
4. Fixed dropping mixer presets onto mixer tracks failing to select the right mixer track when shown at the bottom.
5. Fixed crash when closing FL when playlist was shown & toolbars were detached.
6. Fixed undocking annoyances in the browser.
7. Fixed slow undocking of toolbars in Vista.
8. Fixed Vista blur visible when hiding Wave Candy windows.
9. Fixed OS error when song was running and returning from Vista's logging window or screensaver, while autoscrolling was on.
10. Fixed hang when opening FL's main menu while holding accelerator keys in Vista.
11. Fixed bug in Flangus & Flangus in Sytrus.
12. Added workaround for missing characters in font used to display old GUI-less VST's.
13. Updated timers to Vista-preferred ones.
14. Fixed erratic cursor visible for a short time after dragging from browser in Vista.
15. CPU meter no longer shows 99% when audio is temporarily suspended (was often reported as a bug).
16. Fixed visual bug when detaching windows in Vista.
17. Fixed crash when reloading projects through ALT+x shortcut, while a plugin is detached & focused.
18. Fixed bug in multipoint envelope processing.
19. Fixed crash through weird mouse click combo on the plugin preset buttons.
20. Fixed annoyance in browser's 'show only one folder content'.
21. Fixed problem when loading Maximus presets made with a specific version.
22. Fixed some playlist key combo weirdnesses.
23. Fixed not release defaulted to zero for some functions (step edit, piano roll dumps, etc).
24. Fixed piano roll flam tool that wasn't starting with the right settings.
25. Improved piano roll playback tool (can't miss tiny notes with fast mouse slides anymore).
26. Fixed little thing in mixer's menu.
27. Step edit mode: improved behavior when going backwards while holding notes.
28. EQUO: fixed wrong FX send track display when reloading projects.
29. Fixed possible hang in playlist Insert space/Delete space functions.
30. FL ReWire: now uses tick position for ppq calculations instead of sample position
31. Cancelling audio clip's "fit to tempo" detection dialog now cancels the fitting.
32. Edison: snapping to zero-crossing (improved for mono samples) now allows to select edges of sample.
33. Maximus: fixed display glitch for bands that are switched off.
34. Sytrus: mouse wheel on pitch ratio selectors now behaves better.
35. No more problem locating project files over networks.
36. FPC: fixed pause point for layer pan and tune knobs
37. Wrapper: update interfaceless parameters in the GUI thread instead of the mixer thread
38. Wrapper: dropping fxb and fxp files on the title bar of the plugin window and on the step sequencer button now works
39. Fixed playlist automation clip display bug.
40. Slicex: fixed little declicking glitch for specific cases.
41. Fixed problem with hint system in plugins.
42. Fixed little stretching glitch in some cases when a downbeat marker is present.
43. Fruity Reeverb: store parameter changes in selected program instead of the first one
44. Video Player: fixed loading some settings
45. Wave Candy: added rounded corners size selector, made Vista blur look better, made preset switching faster.
46. Improved multithreaded generator performances.
47. Improved audio performances in Windows Vista.
48. No one really asked, but auto scrolling state is now saved & restored.
49. Updated compiler (D2007), drag&drop component, IPP library to latest versions.
50. Added Janko layout to typing-to-piano keyboard option.
51. Maximus now significantly faster.
52. Plugin picker: thumbnail hint now shows all of the plugin's categories (also selected through arrows or mouse wheel), + other improvements.
53. Added multithreaded mixer tracks processing, and moved CPU settings to the audio panel.
54. Added global smart disable checkbox & new aligned tick lengths checkbox.
55. New debug log in settings window.
56. Can now double-click on effects in plugin picker.
57. Added multithreading to effects processing.
58. Can now drop effect presets onto mixer tracks & channels, mixer track presets onto effect slots and channels, channel & generator presets onto mixer tracks & fx slots.
59. Shift+F8 now brings plugin database.
60. Automation and Humanizing presets folders relocated to the Scores folder.
61. Can now drop automation FSC's onto piano roll (when a controller is selected).
62. Added access to Windows file shell menu from browser item menu.
63. Added new browser folder icons & new 'Recent files' browser folder.
64. Added starting & (approximate) working time information in project info window.
65. Controls (in FL & FL plugins) now properly support Vista's window rescaling (font size).
66. FL now accepts file drops in copy, move & link modes.
67. Alt+drag from browser = force drag in 'link' mode.
68. Dropping file onto the 'Open audio editor' shortcut button now opens it in a new audio editor.
69. Dropping file in 'move' mode (e.g. from Edison/Slicex/Sytrus) onto browser moves file to browser folder it's dropped on.
70. Wave Candy now behaves better when 'Stay on top' & 'On desktop' are off
71. Added scrollbar for zooming to Fruity Envelope Controller in key & vel mapping modes.
72. New browser 'Sort by -> Group' option to put most important folders on top (sort group in .nfo files).
73. Song info window now shows up while loading project.
74. New (optional) big hint bar, showing progress more clearly when loading projects or processing lengthy stuff.
75. Improved envelope point decimation (used in automation-to-automation clip & Sytrus/Ogun).
76. Can now drop audio files onto most envelope editors (does same as audio analysis).
77. Playlist now sticks to right edge when browser is resized.
78. 'Close all windows' now closes detached windows too, and added 'Close all unfocused windows' option, to keep the focused one open.
79. Missing plugin warning (now only once per plugin type) now the same for wrapped VST's.
80. Added browser hovering helper for too large items.
81. Envelope step editing now works with snap off, with point decimation.
82. Added level scaling & point decimation tools to envelope editor (in plugins).
83. Shift+mouse wheel to quickly zoom browser.
84. Extended browser extra search folders to 30 entries.
85. New (fortunately optional) project data folder setting.
86. Fruity WaveShaper: gutter is now clickable.
87. Playlist Edit->Insert / Delete space now cuts through playlist clips.
88. Plugin picker now features categories.
89. Enlarged playlist & piano roll time bar, playlist panels are not swappable anymore.
90. Piano roll / playlist local menu (F3 or extra mouse button) now lists editing modes.
91. FL's audio displays now show proper region purpose colors.
92. Right-clicking playlist items no longer deletes them (hold halt to do so). (removed?)
93. Playlist: extra mouse button brings clip source selection popup.
94. Fixed (I think) infamous invalid playlist clips bug.
95. Added random color option for patterns, made playlist clip focus selector update along with default item.
96. Added useful colors menu to name edit dialog (right-click color button for random color).
97. Audio clips are auto-colored when dropped (& playlist track is auto-colored when clip is dropped on it).
98. Added 'Select by selected source' in playlist, to select clips of patterns or channels that are selected.
99. Brand new playlist track naming & tools for better song organization.
100. Mixer icons now available to channels (& playlist tracks).

LIEN: FL_Studio_8.5_Beta.rar

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teuffeur a respecter

Nombre de messages : 1594
Age : 33
Localisation : Besancon
Emploi : administrateur reseaux
Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Fruity loops 8.5 Beta   Mer 8 Avr - 20:55

File Info (POUR NOPSYS...!!!)

Report generated: 8.4.2009 at 19.52.42 (GMT 1)

Filename: flstudio 8.5 publicbeta2.exe

MD5 Hash: 53A6C47D0954FF0CF1203E33FB76D279

SHA1 Hash: 9DB9EE0E788BFEB3545289B13F02C18F77308010

Packer detected: Not a valid PE file

Self-Extract Archive: Nothing found

Binder Detector: Nothing found

Detection rate: 0 on 23


Avira AntiVir - Nothing found!

Avast - Nothing found!

AVG - Nothing found!

BitDefender - Nothing found!

ClamAV - Nothing found!

Comodo - Nothing found!

Dr.Web - Nothing found!

Ewido - Nothing found!

F-PROT 6 - Nothing found!

G DATA - Nothing found!

IkarusT3 - Nothing found!

Kaspersky - Nothing found!

McAfee - Nothing found!

MHR (Malware Hash Registry) - Nothing found!

NOD32 v3 - Nothing found!

Norman - Nothing found!

Panda - Nothing found!

Quick Heal - Nothing found!

Solo Antivirus - Nothing found!

Sophos - Nothing found!

TrendMicro - Nothing found!

VBA32 - Nothing found!

Virus Buster - Nothing found!

Scan report generated by

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teuffeur par excellence

Nombre de messages : 75
Age : 34
Localisation : derriere l'ordi
Emploi : gardien de parking
Date d'inscription : 05/11/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Fruity loops 8.5 Beta   Lun 13 Avr - 20:41

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teuffeur a respecter

Nombre de messages : 697
Age : 31
Localisation : entre dole et bez
Emploi : cultivateur a la pointe du rat!!
organisateur du sound : jurazzik conexion
Date d'inscription : 20/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Fruity loops 8.5 Beta   Lun 13 Avr - 21:10

décidément il ne lachera jamais son fruity0...... Very Happy
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MessageSujet: Re: Fruity loops 8.5 Beta   

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Fruity loops 8.5 Beta
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